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What are sewer camera inspections?

Our skilled technicians insert flexible cables into the sewer line until the clog is cleared. A waterproof camera is attached to the cable. This camera allows us to see inside your sewer lines live. We can view everything the camera sees on a monitor. This gives us a great insight into the state of your sewer lines.

This technology allows us to view any problem within a sewer line without having to dig up your yard. This technology allows you to see the entire sewer line and avoid costly repairs based on guesswork.

The Types of Problems That We Can Identify With A Sewer Camera

A professional sewer camera inspection will provide valuable insight into the issues affecting your sewer lines.

Tree Root Infiltration

Tree root infiltrations are one of the most common problems. They can occur in pipes made from clay or cast iron. Infiltration occurs when a crack is present in the line, and the tree root enters the pipe to search for water. It can cause significant damage to your sewer lines if the tree root grows.

Collapsed, Cracked, Or Broken Pipes

Sewer cameras are excellent at identifying pipes that have been damaged, moved, or collapsed.

Blocked Pipes

It is common for sewer pipes to become blocked over time due to grease or paper buildup. Backups can occur in your sewer lines when this happens.

Sagging Sewer Lines

Sometimes, sewer lines can sag. This is when waste builds up in the pipe area affected by the sagging. It can lead to repeated blockages.

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